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Teeny the Golden Hamster + Mushrooms for Breakfast - Children's books by Tammy Elinson

"What has happened to me with "Teeny, The Golden Hamster" rarely ever does with a picture book: love at first sight! The moment I laid eyes this book, I had to immediately have it. The illustrations made me fall in love with this hamster so much that I felt like raising hamsters right away... In short - I highly recommend! Buy these books and you'd be sure to gain hours of magic with Teeny, the golden hamster!"

(M.H. Gill, Children's Author)

"An incredibly sweet story and lovely illustrations you wish to just take out of the book and hang on the wall!"


(Dr. Ronit Plotnik, an Educational development psychologist)


"A flowing plot and lovable characters... what a sweet hamster!"


("Parents & Children" Magazine)

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